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How I can help. dads

How I can help

Coming to counselling can feel daunting initially and it's probably taken quite a lot to get this far. In this fast, demanding world in which we live it doesn't take much to feel overwhelmed. Talking to someone and achieving some clarity can make things feel more manageable.

I work with:


      New parents

      Young people


Adults Be it short-term or more long-term therapy I offer a safe and creative space so that trauma, relationships and experiences from the past and in the present can be explored, understood better and worked through. Making links between past and present if appropriate can help you recognise destructive patterns and relationships. Understanding the source of your behaviour can give you freedom to make different, more positive choices in the future.

Postnatal depression often goes undiagnosed and guilt and shame sometimes gets in the way of seeking help. Talking about the feelings can help them feel less intense, understanding them makes them feel less powerful.

New fathers experience hormonal changes as well as mothers. 1 in 10 men suffer from postnatal depression. Like women this often goes undiagnosed but can have long-term consequences on self-esteem, relationships and bonding. BBC Science of Dad

Young adults and children faced with physical and physiological changes, identity uncertainty, pressures of exams and social media can benefit from a place where they can feel safe and just be. Some may choose to talk but for others drawing, painting, art materials might be an easier way to express and explore their feelings. Typically I have worked with adolescents with anxiety, eating disorders, abuse and self-harm

What you will get from me is empathy, warmth and authenticity.
What you won't get from me is a blank screen or judgement.

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